New Moon

Yoga & 

Self Love


Join me April 5th 2019 for an evening of self love under the beauty of the new moon.
We’ll create an atmosphere of transparency & love as we step forward into a life of intention. 
use this as an opportunity to move through stagnant places to find stillness you you can breathe, listen & believe.

yoga  |  journaling  |  essential oils  |  intension setting

New Moon Manifesting

You are Worthy & Capable of all Things. 
"Use the power of the new moon to manifest who you want to be"





123 Court St Middletown CT


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Private Yoga

with LBM

In a private yoga class, you will get one on one instruction that will help you achieve your goals, help you perfect yogic postures, and help you improve your personal health and wellbeing.  This made-to-order service will provide you with the confidence to step further into your practice as you get empowered  and unlock the key to your personal strength. 

Give it a try!


Corporate Yoga

with LBM

Corporate Yoga classes are a wonderful way to enhance your workplace environment, improve overall productivity, and create a positive community among your employees. Yoga is an awesome way to break up the day and provide a moment to show your employees that you care about their wellbeing. More relaxed & concentrated employees makes for reduced employee absentees, turn over, and burn out.


Reduce stress

Improve balance & stability

Improve concentration

Increases energy

Improves overall health