• Leah Beth M


I found Oshún. Masked by her florescence. Tip toeing deep into her being. Distracted by the glow of her nature and the illuminating power of her leaves. Eyes mesmerized by her triumphant victory. she sang the songs of rescue and danced the dance of a conqueror.

I found Oshún today. Flooded with her beauty I swam deep into her ocean. Carried through my experiment with the grace of her flow pushing me inward to spit me out. floating in awe of the buoyancy of letting go. Covering my God to present all that is limitless, never ending& abundant.

I found Oshún. Standing stern in her love, overflowing with silence. igniting movement within. shrining the dormant and adorning it’s layers with invaluable favor. Gazing upon me to reassure the certainty of all things. Heart swaying with every breath of God.

I found Oshún. Divine in her presence, she stood Still on her ground. she opened her arms as they reached from her heart and one moment at a time, she embraced me. connecting her rhythm to the staccato beat of my love, she guided my understanding to sit upon the throne of the almighty. connected; mother & me, mother & i, she & me, me & her, i and she, her and me, we, connected. we abandoned the world to experience her glory. we drifted far away with no means of return. peering with a faith Unshaken Stern Silent Florescent I witnessed God’s magnificence today. I met Oshún“ ~lbm~