• Leah Beth M


Updated: Aug 16, 2018

You are my angel; I am yours.

Through adversity has made it difficult to fly and sprinkle your lily white flakes of joy & peace, I see you. I see the delicacy of your heart, hardened and shut off the the good of those around you. Slowly broken to be carefully knit together; wholly. Our eyes fearfully meet in moments of truth; a connection foreign to both you and E y e.

My angel. I feel you.

Your skin of protection so strong that loves bullet will never penetrate, never shatter or destroy what is within. Bruised by the inevitable brute of humanity, but gently caring for the broken pieces of your heart. Your skin buoyantly and resiliently soft. Fighting for love. The polished florescence of your soul, humming in the dullest of spaces.

"Hi Sweetheart", is how you will be remembered. As you battle to keep your shine brights, only to give unforsaken faith to those whose brilliant glow has been eclipsed by angst. A God sent Warrier.

Angle of Love

Lover of Faith

Faithfully Protecting.

Demented by Humanity

I am your angel. Here to hold your hand when the beat of your marred heart begins to flicker.

I love you,