SLD & TDI have always been spaces of artistry; spaces where artist of all walks & genres can feel safe to explore every piece of their heart to create masterpieces. A big part of our mission is to use art as a means of creating community; to use our physical location to provide opportunities and spaces where we can explore the nature of our soul. In doing so, we are proud to announce the creation of our Artists -In -Residence program.

This program will allow artists from all over the world the opportunity to use our space as a means of creation.


Below lists all of our featured Residencies.

If you or an artist you know are interested in participating in our program, please email us and include

Subject: Artist-In-Residence

Body: Dancer Name & a brief bio, Resume,

and intended usage

Lauren Horn is a movement and text based artist from Windsor, CT. She graduated from Amherst College with degrees in Psychology and Theatre and Dance. Lauren’s work explores identity and the ways it can be uncovered, marginalized, highlighted, and erased. By utilizing movement and text as means of fostering a more welcoming form of vulnerability, the work creates a space for self-reflection and conversation for both the performer and viewer. Another aspect of Lauren’s work is entrenched in creating a dialogue around our current society’s relationship to technology. From the Silent Generation to Generation Z, she wants to understand how groups of individuals, in each living generation, feel that technology has affected their expression of their true self. Lauren’s choreographic work has been showcased at The BAM Fisher Theater in Brooklyn, NYC, Hibernian Hall in Boston MA,The Meydenbauer Center Theater in Belleview,WA, The Studio of Contemporary Dance and Thought in Northampton, MA, The Northampton Center for the Arts, Amherst College and ACDFA New England. 


Lauren has performed with Deborah Goffe’s Scapegoat Garden, Dante Brown’s Warehouse Dance Company, Arien Wilkerson’s TNMOT AZTRO, Wendy Woodson, Katie Martin and Jennifer Nugent. While in the Five College Dance Consortium, Lauren has studied under Paul Matteson, Angie Hauser, Jim Coleman, Shayla Jenkins, Paul Dennis and Caroline Fermin. She has also performed in repertory works of The Bebe Miller Company, Bill T. Jones/ Arnie Zane Company, Delfos Danza Contemporanea and Gallim Dance Company. 

Mugisha Frank is a Rwandan- Ugandan Dance artist based from Kampala, Uganda.

Frank has trained in Contemporary dance, breakdance and African traditional dances which he fuses to create a unique artistic identity.

As a student at Derida Dance Center (Bulgaria), he trained with a number of teachers and choreographers from around the world which introduced him to a wide range of movement vocabulary and disciplines.


Frank has performed in a number of local and international festivals and worked as a movement educator in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Africa, Bulgaria, Romania, France, Belgium, Spain, Germany and in the  USA.


Frank’s work focuses on decolonization of mind and body and unlearning of all he’s been taught as an African man that he feels belittles him and his culture.

Through his work, he explores ways in which we can go back to the simple ancient ways of our ancestors - holistic, eco centric and soul centric ways of life.


Frank is also a trained creative facilitator and has worked with young people from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. In 2012 he co-founded a company called Soul-Xpressions, which works with youth from all over the world dedicating their time and skills to explore, create and share methodologies that elevate, and nurture each individual in their uniqueness using arts and sports tools.

Kate Cavenagh is a tap dancer/musician and has been teaching since 1996. She holds a BA in Dance/Theater Ed from Emerson College, has completed 2 Levels of the Copasetic Cannon Curriculum and respectively holds 2 Teacher Training Certificates from the American Tap Dance Foundation (ATDF) in NYC. Throughout the years she has performed with The Boston Tap Company, Tap City/ Tap it Out (NYC), the #Taplife Company, has choreographed musicals for several local schools in CT, spent several seasons with the Freelance Players in Boston, was the former coach of the UConn Tap Team, and a former dance captain for #TaplifeToo. 

Kate is the Artistic Director and founder of the Connecticut Tap Collaborative (CTC), a tap dance company that focuses on preserving the history and traditions of tap and music. The company strives to educate the community by passing on historical dances and informative talks through performances and classes, as well as empower dancers and musicians to explore their creativity through the art of improvisation. In addition to their own shows, the CTC's new work has been featured at the Big Apple Tap Festival (2017 & '18) in NYC and in the ATDF new choreographer's showcase Something's Afoot (2019). 

Together with Kaitlyn Way (Youth Company Director), Kayleigh Mierzejewski (Assistant Director), and Danielle Watters (Associate Director) the company is focusing on collaborating to create new works that not only pay homage to the rich history of the art, but help to move it forward by pairing it with other forms of dance, atypical forms of music, unconventional surfaces and sounds, and video production. The passion of making tap dance accessible to everyone drives all of the members of the company to think creatively and to challenge themselves in all areas of dance and music.